Monday, June 09, 2014


If you came here this morning looking for my thoughts on last night's Game of Thrones, you're going to have to return another day. I didn't get to watch the new episode yet, because last night I went to a wedding.

It was a fun occasion on several accounts. First, I've known the groom for literally decades, and his bride (who I've only known for a couple of years now) is perfectly matched for him and his geeky interests and personality.

Secondly, and symbolic of the perfect match I've mentioned, is that they decided to have a steampunk-themed wedding. They dressed up in gadget-adorned steampunk garb and invited their guests to do the same if they wished. Nearly all did, making it one of the more entertaining crowds I've ever seen at a wedding. The families of the bride and groom went particularly all out, but you could see gold-trimmed outfits, hats both practical and impractical, and goggles just about everywhere.

Thirdly, another friend of mine of several decades officiated the ceremony. As some of you may know, I myself performed such duties for a pair of friends around 10 years ago. It's the nature of Colorado law that a couple can witness their own marriage, sign the papers, and be official. No justice of the peace or minister or anything of the like is required. (So no, I am not Father Heimlich.) But this couple and their officiant thought it would be fun to go the route of getting ordained, only to turn around to conduct an irreverent and thoroughly secular ceremony representative of them.

So it was that the breezy, 20-minute ceremony included many unusual but entertaining touches -- the groom skulking out to the theme from Mission: Impossible, the bride walking out to the opening movement of Carmina Burana (a more sedate piano rendition, but an unconventional choice nonetheless), quotes and music from The Princess Bride, a poetry reading from Tim Pratt's "Scientific Romance," and more. In short, it was fun, a real celebration, which more than a few weddings I've attended have sort of missed the point on.

Oh, also, best freaking wedding cake I've ever had. Vanilla with rich caramel frosting between the layers. And it looked like a steampunk train before they cut into it.

Congratulations to the happy couple!


Anonymous said...

Well... you'll just have to put up pictures on your Facebook wall or something.
I mean, come on.


Anna Yale said...

*hugs* And this is a delightfully well-written present! Thank you.