Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Park Place

Tuesday marked the halfway point of our New York trip, and was also a nice, sunny break from the rain of the day before. So we went with an outdoor plan for the day -- we rented bikes and rode around Central Park.

On the one hand, when you come from a place like Colorado, with all manner of natural wonders practically outside your front door, one park isn't all that impressive. On the other hand, the odd juxtaposition of a park in the midst of the New York sprawl really is neat for being so jarring. And Central Park really is huge when you think about how much space on the not-so-big Manhattan Island is devoted to it.

We actually made two complete laps around the Park. The first was rather quick, as we stopped only when we saw something of interest close to the road. But many of the more interesting things in Central Park are hidden back up along walking paths, and we made an effort to seek some of those out in our second circuit. Among the more picturesque spots were the Bethesda Fountain...

...and the Mall (which has appeared in a few thousand movies and TV shows).

We happened upon a Navy band that was performing for a small audience.

And I can also report (disingenuously) that on our New York trip, we saw Hamilton!

We biked for a few hours, then left Central Park and headed downtown for lunch at Fraunces Tavern. (There was another poster beer to be had there.) From there, we took a quick there-and-back trip on the Staten Island Ferry to take in the view:

By then, we were getting late into the afternoon, and it was time to head over to Broadway for an evening show.

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