Friday, March 07, 2014

Filthy Hoard

A friend of mine recently picked up the new game Dragon's Hoard, impressed by samples of its fantasy artwork that he saw online. Unfortunately, the art turned out to be about the only good thing going for it.

Dragon's Hoard is a very simple card game where players try to amass treasure. Its wilds, cards that make other players lose turns, and other basic mechanics call to mind games like Uno, which should give you a pretty clear idea of where the game falls strategically. It involved a whole lot of luck, very little skill, and even less fun.

And that was hardly the end of the game's deficiencies. That pretty artwork I mentioned was printed on very low quality card stock that would surely show signs of wear after only a handful of games. And the theme was rather nonsensical. Each player took the role of a dragon, playing cards of different suits of sheep. Eating them, I guess; so far so good. Except somehow those sheep became a currency used to... buy treasure or something?

I wish I could say more, but there really just isn't much of a game here to say anything about. And given that there are countless better places to get great fantasy art (better still than this), I can't really recommend the game for anyone. I'd have to call this one an F.

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