Wednesday, July 29, 2015

San Returnio

Hello, readers! I welcome you back to the blog after a few days of radio silence. I was out of town on a short vacation down to San Antonio, Texas. You might regard it as an unlikely destination, but my boyfriend and I were looking for something quick and close, and we were inspired in part by the first trip we took together -- to hit a bunch of theme park rides in Orlando. Looking for near-ish amusement parks with highly rated or talked-about rides that neither of us had been to, we came up with Six Flags Fiesta Texas -- and a handful of other things to do while there.

After arriving in town on our first afternoon, we decided to seek out some of the local beer. Knowing of course that we'd left the craft beer mecca of Denver behind us, we nevertheless found a few places that seemed worth seeking out while we were in San Antonio. That afternoon, it was a brewery-in-restaurant (with sort of a Rock Bottom Brewery vibe) called BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse. With a solid Blonde and Hefeweisen, and a really good Berry Burst Cider, the place made for a good start to the trip.

It also made for immediate exposure to the "everything's bigger in Texas" attitude. Not only were the "tasters" in the flight 5 ounces rather than the more common 3...

...but the ravioli I ordered for dinner was one big ravioli served in a pan (basically, lasagna with the edges crimped together). It was circular, though, which is more than I can say for the waffle I had for breakfast the next morning.

That waffle? I'd be seeing it again, after a full day at Six Flags Fiesta. But I'll get to that story, and others from San Antonio, in the days ahead.

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