Wednesday, March 22, 2017

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

24: Legacy has become the show that interrupts my attempts to say "wait, but..." by purring, "shhhh, shhhh, shhhh." 24 has always been ridiculous, demanding more suspension of disbelief than just about any show on television. I know this on an intellectual level. But somehow, on a gut level, this season feels to me like it's demanding more and delivering less -- a situation that might be growing with each new episode.

Why doesn't Jadalla just immediately kill Carter? He only needs Andy, and was planning to use torture instead of coercion to force cooperation anyway. Is Jadalla so stimulated by debate over the nature of religion and justice that he keeps Carter around for conversation? (I'm gonna say no.)

What exactly explains the turn for Isaac from "we gotta get the hell out of here" to "I gotta call up my crew and go in guns blazing"? Why has Mariana suddenly gone all Chloe and started sniping at Director Mullins? Is Tony going to get to do anything meaningful, or was he really just brought it to twirl the torture mustache for a couple of installments?

Can we really believe that a drone strike would be ordered on U.S. soil? And in a situation where there would be known collateral casualties? Are we really doing the "villain trade up" cliche again?

And is the fact that none of those questions have good answers forgiven by the fact that we got some fun action? This packed hour included car chases, fist fights, shoot-outs, and missile launches. Plus there was some truly awkward spousal drama between Rebecca Ingram and John Donovan. I mean, when I stopped "struggling" and just let 24 "hold me," it was oddly comforting/fun. But at the same time, so silly!

Perhaps I need to stop doing these more thoughtful write-ups of 24 and instead go back to just the parade of quippy thoughts I used to offer in response to a 24 episode. Well, actually, perhaps I need to stop watching altogether. But I've come so far already, and this is a benefit to the format: I'm that close to finding out how this crazy "day" ends. Gotta see it through to the finish, right?

Let's dispense with the grades, at least. At this point you're either trapped on this ride like me or you're not, right?

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