Tuesday, April 11, 2017

10:00 PM - 11:00 PM

To be fair, last night's episode of 24: Legacy was actually a good deal more entertaining (and of noticeably higher quality) than anything the series has served up in weeks. I suspect it's a combination of the writers now rushing to a known ending and the jettisoning of long-played-out subplots (Nicole and Isaac, Daddy Donovan). Still, I'd already resolved to switch over to quip mode in "reviewing" the show, so...

What does Stiles mean, "what does she mean Bin-Khalid is alive?"? Seems pretty unambiguous.

Remote erasing looks so camera friendly.

CTU has a new Peng in the ass.

Before they zipped up Jadalla's body bag, did they make sure he's dead? Because these days, you apparently never know.

Carter thinks there's still time to save Rebecca. Yeah, about an hour and 50 minutes.

Why are the terrorists always talking to each other in English?

John says Rebecca's work is in her blood. Which is now all over the floor of the terrorists' van.

Carter knows the thigh-shooting threat is the go-to play on 24.

Lots of quick and dirty Photoshop work in the photos of Naseri's daughter.

Everybody knows how much time it takes to mask your trail by spreading bandwidth through multiple sockets.

This rural farmhouse is surprisingly close to the Pentagon.

Closer even than DC SWAT, in fact.

Andy didn't see Tony's strike team coming because he was too zoomed in. That's what too much "enhance" will get you.

Tony sure spends a long time hanging outside the house waiting for the end of the episode to come around.

So, next week is the finale. In which presumably will see a calm and rational hostage trade after which everyone will go home happy. Or possibly instead, a hail of gunfire. Only way to know is to tune in and see this thing through.

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