Tuesday, April 04, 2017

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM and 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM

24: Legacy aired last week while I was out of town, so last night was a double header of action and complete insanity. It all sort of blurred together, so here are some scattered thoughts on both episodes.

Everyone in this season of 24 has either been coerced into being a mole, been held prisoner by terrorists, or has returned from the dead. Sometimes more than one of those.

Things took on a bit of a soap opera vibe as the writers leaned in big time to the Eric-Nicole-Isaac love triangle, continued to harp on the jealousy of Tony's assistant (about Rebecca), wedged and then de-wedged the relationship between Rebecca and John, and brought Jadalla's father back from the dead for a heart-to-heart.

Rather than give than give something interesting to Stiles or Director Mullins, who've been living scenery basically all season, the writers invented some schlubby, two-timing security guard to be pressured into helping the break-in at CTU.

Eric decides that 20 minutes is just too long to wait for a professional to come defuse a bomb... and then proceeds to wait 20 minutes before beginning to defuse the bomb. And takes another 20 minutes doing it. I know nothing on the subject, of course, but we see how long it takes him to "cut the first wire." At that pace, he must go on to cut like 47 more wires off screen before the bomb is disarmed.

Tony Almeida has two weeks left to do something interesting, or his whole return this season will amount to a big nothing burger.

Eric is sitting in the basement of the house at the end of one episode, and waltzes into CTU three minutes into the next episode. Maybe the chopper that must have brought him should be out looking for Naseri?

The moment Senator Donovan is abducted, they should be monitoring Rebecca's movements. You know, just in case the terrorists try to contact her and make her act against.... oh, see, there you go.

Not only did someone say perimeter, we got to actually see one. That's like two drinks at least. We also got to see why they've been so ineffective in the past, as the terrorists have little hassle blasting their way through it.

Daddy Donovan is awfully quick to believe without evidence that his son has been abducted, and then he just spills everything to Rebecca. Apparently, this is the interrogation technique they should have tried on him a few hours ago.

Why is Isaac, a known criminal, allowed anywhere inside the CTU building? Especially after it was just the target of a raid by terrorists?

How is that bandage on the outside of Andy's pants doing anything for his wound?

Just two more hours until this insanity wraps up.

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