Wednesday, April 19, 2017

11:00 PM - 12:00 PM

24: Legacy wound to a close this week. Whether it served up a season finale or a series finale remains to be seen, but as with the week before, the quality actually was a bit higher than it was in the silly depths of the middle of the season.

But I'm already in snark mode, so I have to note:

That pantry the little girl is hiding in must be bulletproof.

You don't install glass doors and not go crashing through them during a fight.

Naseri never changed his phone number in more than a year as an operating terrorist?

And now, Arbor Talk with your host, Ara Naseri.

Did Mullins stash that guy he choked out somewhere safe before he headed out on this little helicopter jaunt?

When there's just half an hour left in the season, the avenues of trust between the heroes and the villains suddenly open wide.

Among the perks of being a U.S. Senator: after holding someone hostage inside the Pentagon for an hour-and-a-half, you can just walk out unchallenged.

Rebecca took a bullet for Eric so that he could have a season two. Extra bummer for her if there's no season two.

According to the latest polls, Rebecca's new nickname is "Nine Point Spike."

Nicole wants "no more secrets" between her and Eric. Presumably, the "national security" type secrets will be okay, though.

Sure. Eric is going into room 420 for a "debrief."

...And we'll find out if he ever comes out when FOX announces their renewals in a few weeks. Frankly, if the writers can't serve up a consistently entertaining half season of 24, I'm fine if that renewal doesn't come.

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