Saturday, August 09, 2008

Expressing Myself

I caught the latest movie from the "Clan Apatow" today, Pineapple Express. I wasn't going expecting a masterpiece, but expecting a good share of laughs. I got pretty much what I expected, no more and no less.

Starring Seth Rogen (who also co-wrote the film) and James Franco, this is Stoner Opus meets Buddy Action movie. It's kind of Hot Fuzz with weed. And the movie does a pretty good job of blending both genres, thankfully never lingering too long on the stoner material to get boring for the non-stoned.

The laughs don't actually come that steadily, but when a good joke arrives, it really makes you laugh. James Franco is especially funny as a washout low-time drug dealer. Also notable in the acting department are two very short but very funny parts by Bill Hader and Ed Begley Jr.

It's hard to say anything more about it without starting to ruin specific jokes, so I pretty much have to wrap the review up at this point. I'd sum it all up with a B-. It's not a movie I'd urge people to see, but I expect just about anyone with any inclination to go in the first place would probably enjoy it.

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