Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Those of us who surf the internets are bombarded with hundreds of banner ads a day, and we've pretty much learned to block them out. Which is why it's pretty incredible when one actually manages to catch my attention. Especially one so simple as this one I saw today:

Did I click? No. But I looked. So bravo, ad agency.

And know that I've already used Photoshop to erase the words from this so I can use it for some sort of "FAIL" e-mail in the future.


Anonymous said...

that kid wants to be the beneficiary of your life insurance. and then kill you.

the mole

Kathy said...

Though it would have kept you from seeing this hilarious image, if you're getting sick of ads and are using Firefox, try out:


I don't notice them missing. In fact, when I have to open IE for something that isn't coded properly for Firefox, it's jarring to suddenly see ads all over the place.

Of course, you may elect to keep seeing the ever-more eye-catching ads the marketers have to throw at us. How else would you get scowled at by a youngster like this randomly throughout your day?