Saturday, August 23, 2008

Inclement Weather

Ever get to a party just as it was ending? I felt like I had that experience tonight. Some friends and I went down to a local reservoir where a hot air balloon festival was happening. It was supposed to be a big thing at dusk with several dozen balloons all lit up for a short night time flight.

Except that when we got there, about 30 minutes before sundown, these three balloons were the only ones in sight:

And they all were taken down within about ten minutes. Trouble was, it was windy. Not transport-you-to-Oz windy, but too much to safely fly a hot air balloon. So everyone was packing up and the event was canceled.

At least we walked in and didn't pay the seven bucks for parking.


Anonymous said...

This blows... but, apparently, not nearly enough.


DrHeimlich said...

Well, too much, really.

Wocka wocka!!!