Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Now That's a Ticket

As I write this, the Democratic National Convention is about halfway through here in Denver. Fortunately, it hasn't been the complete crazy town we natives were all warned to expect. Traffic hasn't been any worse than normal. Downtown has noticeably more people milling about, but it's not unmanageable to get lunch and get back to work in regular fashion.

But the crazies are out there. One of them left this two-sided business card on the windshield of my friend's car:

This thing is a truly inspired bit of stream of consciousness, given the very limited space in which it's contained. You get his opinions on McCain, Obama, and the Gators. You get a nice bit of casual racism. You get a plea to legalize marijuana, just after a condemnation of cocaine. You get a shout out to Mom. A request for a date. A love of Opera (the stage medium or the web browser?). And oh, so much more.



Jared said...

It was definitely an amusing read and you get the only plea I've ever seen for Jimmy Carter to return to politics.

I heard once they named a sub the USS Jimmy Carter. Probably because it could dive like the carter economy.


Roland Deschain said...

Downtown does provide amusing things like this, if anything.

There was a guy in front of Pavilions the other day with a flute. Yes, he was playing it. But that wasn't the weird part.

He was playing it to Muzak versions of disco tunes that he had playing out of his boombox next to him.

That's right. Flute. Disco. Muzak.

You'll never see those words together again.