Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is This a Joke?

I like breakfast cereal. Kind of a Jerry Seinfeld thing, I guess. There are a decent number of "adult" cereals I find alright, but I do have a soft spot for the "kiddie" cereals.

I recently finished off a box of Lucky Charms, and when I went to collapse the box to throw in the recycling, this dropped out:

This Joker toy is the weirdest little thing ever. It's supposed to have this "kick" thing it does, but it's ridiculous and lame. As you can see in the photo, the Joker's right leg is sticking out. Pull it down into a normal position and let go, and it springs back out like that. Oooo.

Perhaps stranger than where his legs are stuck is where his hands are stuck. They don't move, you see. The Joker is permanently giving himself a shampoo or something -- I'm not really sure what that's supposed to be.

So, I guess props for having an actual toy right there in the box. I can't remember the last time I saw a cereal that had that. (But those who buy more kids' cereal than me can jump in and prove me wrong.) But the total lameness of the toy? I'm afraid "that's gonna be a deduction."


Roland Deschain said...

What a weird toy. Looks like he belongs on Muppet Babies or something.

(in Joker voice)

"I like to sing-a. I like the moon-a and the June-a, I like to sing-a..."

See now if the toy had been a pencil sharpener, that would have been a special level of AWESOME.,

Sangediver said...

Roalnd beat me to it, damn you!

I second the pencil sharpener!