Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love licorice. Not the vile, black actual licorice, but strawberry, cherry, what-have-you. I'm not too picky beyond that, yet I do have a particular favorite. And I can only get it in the month running up to Halloween.

I love Twizzlers. But not just any Twizzlers. See, you can get "individually wrapped" Twizzlers all year round, but the fact is they really are just identical to the long "vines" you can get in a full-sized bag. Tasty, sure... but not the stuff.

But for Halloween candy, Twizzlers makes these:

And I am telling you, these are not the same. The recipe is different, or there's something different that happens with the chewiness and juiciness of these things when they're cut "fatter." In any case, in the Licorice Kingdom, these things are so far beyond regular Twizzlers that they make regular Twizzlers seem like a box of Good N' Plenty. (AKA "Foul N' Nasty.")

But the bastards at the Twizzler factory only make these for Halloween, so I have to buy a pallet's worth and squirrel them away for as long as I can.

They don't usually last until Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

like Cadbury Cream Eggs and McRibs, it's a lesson to enjoy what you have while you have it. too bad I can't buy a pallet of McRibs... (FYI on a related note, Wendy's has a BBQ dipped chicken sandwich which is very close to a McRib)

I'm familiar with those tiny Twizzlers. they are fawesome.

the mole

Sangediver said...

Maybe follow in Roland's steps and buy boxes of them at Halloween (ala his mini egg stash) ;)

Roland Deschain said...

You're damn right! I've got an entire unopened box of Cadbury Mini Eggs in my freezer at this very moment. The key is going out the day after the holiday and finding everything at %50 off and then hoarding like the zombies are coming.

Thus...tasty candy all year long. :)

Yes, I am aware that I have issues.

TMac said...

One of the people in my office has a family member who works for the Hersheys part that makes Twizzlers. About twice a year we get a bunch of candy in the office from them, mostly Twizzlers (good) and Good n Plenty (not good).

The best part is that this is stuff that literally just came off the line the day before. You wouldn't think it was any different but those Twizzlers are unlike any I've had before. It's crazy how much better they are.

Roland Deschain said...

Tmac - oh, how I envy you.

Well, not the Good n' Plenty part, but still.