Monday, October 13, 2008

A Public Service Announcement

Alright, U.S. residents of legal voting age. I'be just received my mail-in ballot for our election that's now just three weeks away, and I figure some of you might be doing the same right about now. So it's time for us to talk. I'm going to tell you how to vote.


Some people go on about how important it is that everyone vote, and how they don't care how you vote so long as you vote. I say that's all crap. Know what the hell you're voting for. If you don't know, make an effort to learn.

For the presidential race, is a wonderful, impartial resource that calls out all the half-truths, exaggerations, and outright lies of the candidates, as presented in their ads and in the various debates. If you don't (or do) want to cast your ballot for a particular candidate because of "Reason X," make sure that "Reason X" is actually true.

For ballot initiatives up in your state, read up on them. If you live in Colorado, here's where you do that -- it's a complete presentation of the language of each amendment and referendum, an analysis of how it will affect government spending, and an articulate list of arguments for and against each item as written by supporters of either side. If you're not a Colorado resident, your state almost certainly has something similar. Go find it. Google is your friend.

And back to my original point. If you're uninformed, or just unsure, don't vote. It's okay to vote on some things and leave other things blank.

Don't do anything stupid, okay?

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Just vote Democrats, goddamn it.
Oh--is this thing live?


Roland Deschain said...

The following movie wisdom is all I have to impart about the upcoming election:

Monty Brewster: What are you gonna vote?
Crowd: [in unison] None of the above!

Aabh said...

We haven't received our overseas ballots yet... I'm getting a little anxious. They'll probably show up on November 3rd... That would be my luck...

Sangediver said...

If I intelligently choose to blindly vote along party lines does that count? ;)