Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Azeroth Terror Cell

From the Department of Be Afraid of Everyone and Everything, Everywhere, All the Time:

Now your entertainment and recreation time might be a place where the terrorists are out to get you, too! A Pentagon Researcher has crafted a scenario demonstrating how a terrorist cell might meet on World of Warcraft and use coded language to plan attacks on real world targets. You know, because terrorists don't want to take time away from their nightly guild raids to actually get together with each other and plan things.

To me, this quote from the article says it all:

But online spaces like World of Warcraft are making some spooks, generals and Congressmen extremely nervous. They imagine terrorists rehearsing attacks in these worlds...

Yes, "they imagine" being the operate words here. Clearly, these people have very overactive imaginations.


Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha some CIA guy is all "I have to play WoW at work because um, the bad guys are plotting things or something..."

the mole

Roland Deschain said...

LOL...right on, Mole. I used that rationale much to my surprise success at my last job.

"Um...boss - the Boston Globe uses our products and they want information on every movie playing. But 3 of the theatres are porn houses - does that mean I have to research porn and find information on what they're showing?"

"If the client is paying for it, then yes."

(inside my head) "Sweeeeeeeeeeet."

And thus my assistant and I were 2 of the under 10 machines in the entire corporation with unrestricted internet access.

This is why I can TOTALLY see The Mole's scenario being true. Scary but true.