Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Packet Up!

Do you know anybody who collects Taco Bell sauce packets, with all their various phrases? Well here (courtesy FKL) is a web site that one-ups all that, The Condiment Packet Gallery. Every time you click "reload," you'll get a random assortment of 100 (100!) different condiment packets.

Just the sort of time waster you've probably come to expect from me on an off day.


Roland Deschain said...


I actually have seen some Taco Bell sayings that he doesn't have on his list.

However...I'm not sure I want to encourage him. I'm already frightened.

Anonymous said...

I think this might have been mentioned before but if you put the phrase "... in bed." after every Taco Bell sauce pack saying, they become surprisingly perverted.

I want to just stomp on the page with all of the sauce packets and make a huge mess. but sadly the Internet doesn't work that way...

the mole

Roland Deschain said...

Wow. That makes the Taco Bell packet I have in my car even MORE disturbing.

"At night, the sporks make fun of me."

...in bed.