Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time for Super Pursuit Mode

I don't know if you watched the new Knight Rider revival movie last spring. I tuned in for a few minutes, and found it unbearably awful. I've since had it confirmed by a few of my more foolish friends who actually stayed for the whole thing -- it was beyond terrible. And yet, in post-strike desperation, it's going to a regular series soon. They've been shooting episodes and NBC has been out promoting it.

The promotion apparently also included a recent stop in Toronto for the car, where (if you can believe this wasn't a staged viral marketing stunt) KITT was stolen by a quick-witted observer.

Here's the video. You be the judge:


Roland Deschain said...

Would it be wrong to hope that the theft was real - just some average viewer - who was trying to keep more of this craptastic mess from being made?

I can dream....

Anonymous said...

this is going to sound like an expected, typical reaction. something that comedians would consider to be too easy of a joke to mention. but as one of the victims who gave that horrible torture a chance as I watched the whole thing, I can tell you this is a truthful statement:

that video was better than the actual show.

I can imagine the scene in court:
-you are accused of stealing this car, how do you plead?
-guilty your honor, but I only did it so NBC would not make such a bad show. I was trying to save people.
-case dismissed!

the mole