Monday, September 29, 2008

Blow Out

Tonight brought a pretty good episode of Prison Break.

The story had Mahone in the central role, and William Fichtner continued to deliver the high caliber performance he's brought so far this season.

The formula of recent weeks was broken up, with this week's "Scylla card heist" already in progress as the episode opened. This story instead focused on the fallout after the job, giving us some welcome variety.

Gretchen thankfully took a step toward being a more real character. After last season spent doing nothing but mustache twirling, and this season (so far) being tortured, I'm very glad she's on the loose and apparently will be given different material to work with. It also helps to hook her up with T-Bag; he needs another main character in his story.

The annoying Tech Guy was hardly in this episode. Yay.

They are running through these Scylla card holders awfully quick, though. I sure hope the writers have a plan for where the rest of the season will go after this is all wrapped up -- which is looking like it may be in just two more short weeks from now.

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Anonymous said...

"The annoying Tech Guy was hardly in this episode. Yay."
And Linc told him off, which is always good.

Yep, a pretty good episode. Like you,I liked the in media res opening. I also enjoyed the "surprise" breaking out of Mahone from the court room.

And yeah, Fichtner could act his way out of Hell itself. Damn (...) good actor.