Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fierce Dragon

I realized this morning that I neglected to post anything here last night. Shame on me! I got home late from an evening playing games with friends and, for a few minutes, watching them torment their little dog:

They said something about how dogs that size are made to be dressed up at least from time to time (questionable), and how they spoil the dog rotten most of the time, so it deserves a little torment now and then (absolutely true).


Roland Deschain said...

OMG so *THAT* is what she meant by the costume for the dog. I wasn't there yet for that horror show.

Oh, poor Shaggy. He deserved every last bit of hamburger he weaseled out of them last night. I had no idea.

As a general rule, I think if you dress up your dog you should be forced to be naked. You should be just as uncomfortable as the poor pet.

I'm just sayin.
Remind me to hug the poor puppy next time. ;-)

Sangediver said...

We were in Persmart the other day and a family was costume shopping for their lilliputian. They had obviously been there a while and were very seriously holding up the costumes to the dog and debating the differences.

It was disturbing.