Monday, September 22, 2008

Eagles and Angels / Safe and Sound

Thanks to last week's internet calamity, I didn't get to comment on last week's Prison Break episode. So let me toss a few quick remarks about that before forging ahead into this week's installment.

Last week was a pretty pedestrian episode of the show. I would have thought it merely average, but it strayed into decidedly below average territory with the Sara plotline. Yes, she is a recovering addict, and yes, her trip to a bar while under stress is believable. But to have endured what she did at the hands of the Company, escaped, and lived for a time on the run, she also has to be smart. And we saw in the first couple seasons, she can be smart. Usually is. Which is why it's so painful and such a disservice to her freshly resurrected character to make her so dumb for the Company Hitman to be led to her.

Or, in a nutshell, I'm disappointed in the writers for it being the "girl" responsible for screwing up and leading The Killer to them.

But on to this week...

Things moved a little better this time. Sara found her brain again, and had a nice few moments of working together with Mahone. (That stupid new tech guy was involved too, but we all hate him.) We also got to see Mahone out being a badass like he was back in the days of season two, figuring out how to track someone with his ultra-keen instincts.

This week's Scylla caper was entertaining, though it is getting a little tired already seeing Sucre and Bellick used as bumbling comic relief. (Well, Sucre, anyway. Bellick was made for that stuff.)

Interesting to learn that whatever Michael's nose bleeds are all about, it's a condition Linc was already aware of. But the "warm climate" excuse begs the question why this didn't come up down in Panama. (Other than, you know, the plot device not having been thought of yet.)

And I'm glad Gretchen is now on the loose, so we don't have to watch the weekly torture session with her anymore. Oh... did anyone else think that guy's scream sounded like a TIE Fighter when she jammed that nail into him?

Anyway, an overall improvement, I'd say. But I'd still like things to keep getting better. I think more focus on Mahone will help that. His story has been the best thing about the season so far, and William Fichtner deserves it after the fairly lackluster material given him in season three.

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Anonymous said...

Amen to all of that.
Yeah, I hate that stupid tech guy.

Hey, I just flashed -- watching this week's episode -- on the name of the jail from season 1.
FOX River.
Can't be a coincidence, right...
(Yeah, I'm slow. Took me more than three years to catch on. So sue me. :)