Thursday, September 25, 2008


The first debate between the two major U.S. presidential candidates may or may not happen tomorrow night. (Depending on whether a resolution on the government financial bailout package is reached, or, if not, on whether John McCain decides to go through with the debate as originally scheduled.)

Since this political process has become such a game for both sides, Republican and Democrat, I believe We the People should treat it as such. To that end, I encourage everyone to go print out a few Presidential Debate Bingo cards.

With classic numbers like B-8 and N-34 replaced with likely-to-be-uttered phrases and terms like "earmarks," "my wife," "reach across the aisle," "Wall Street," "offshore drilling," and so forth, you can turn the debate into an interactive experience, perhaps capped by you standing up in your living room and triumphantly shouting BINGO!

And in the process, you may find yourself scrutinizing for content a little more than you otherwise would. So double good there.

Assuming we actually have a debate tomorrow night, of course. Otherwise, you can hang on to those cards for next time.

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